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PASESA’s Mission

PASESA’s mission is love, care and concern. Prophylaxis of cardiovascular disease is the most important issues. Therefore, Win Horizon Limited imports the third-generation of the PASESA brand’s “Non-Invasive Vascular Screening Device” from Japan. With hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and Diabetics, and the one who works under the pressure, the device screens them in appropriate way to know the atherosclerosis status. Win Horizon Limited knows: prophylaxis is better a lot than cure.

About Us


Win Horizon Limited is established in 2000. Win Horizon Limited is an exclusive distributor of the Kodak brand products, the PASESA (Non-Invasive Vascular Screening Device) and the Amaryllo wireless IP camera in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

The core value of the Win Horizon Limited is professional. We have a professional team in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Japan. We work efficiency. Network is important and the service is all over the Mainland China. Of the views of the customers, we are willing to collect your opinions. We are willing to offer professional data and marketing research.

Win Horizon Limited has a good relation with domestic department stores, IT shopping malls and photographic equipment stores. The IT manufacturers for the electronic components and Win Horizon Limited help the customers and domestic department stores, IT shopping malls, electronics market, photographic equipment stores and photographic equipment manufacturers have maintained good relations for many years to help customers promote the activities. We have a sound distribution system and sales network, covering all major cities in China. For photographic equipment, digital products, various consumer goods, office supplies, home appliances and medical supplies, through our network, to provide marketing, sales, distribution management. And our close partners – Guangzhou Chen mining Trade Co., Ltd. – in the country to provide comprehensive sales services. Guangzhou Chen Cai Trade Co., Ltd. is now available for domestic Kodak, Ricoh and other brands of professional services to the camera.

Social Responsibility

PASESA Charity Fund

Win Horizon Limited’s mission is love and respect. Win Horizon Limited promise to donate $10 as PASESA’s device is sold. The charity fund is for prophylaxis of the diseases in modern society. The charity fund is used as:
1. Donate the screening device to elderly home
2. Donate the screening device to patient, help themselves
3. Donate the fund to charity work

Win Horizon Primary School in Mainland China

Starting from 1989, “Hope Project” has built the “Hope Elementary School” in the depths of the mountains along China’s poor countryside with the help of public donations. In China, thousands of financially handicapped children desperately wished for education, which for them is the only route to a brighter future. But in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, schools in the vicinity of Sichuan either became ruins, or became unusable. The tragedy brought up heavy questions that we struggled to answer: How do students continue their study? How do they continue fighting for their future?

As a socially responsible enterprise, Win Horizon Limited tried to make donations via different means to help people in need. After careful deliberation, we have decided that we should also aid the reconstruction of the schools. Since 2009, our CEO Mr Ho had started to fund the reconstruction of Gaoping Town Jintang Elementary School in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province together with organisations such as Chinese Juvenile Digest, Communist Youth League Zunyi Municipal Committee and Huichuan District Committee.

In 2010 September, Win Horizon Limited CEO Mr Ho delivered a heartfelt speech during the opening ceremony of the Jintang Elementary School. He spoke of his teenage years, during which he turned from a naughty student who is bad at English to a hardworking and expressive teen and eventually an entrepreneur – all because of him encountering a good teacher who appointed him as an English representative. He also urged the students to work tirelessly in the pursuit of knowledge. What he donated was trivial at best, but could hopefully provide a reasonable learning environment for students. At the same time, Win Horizon’s donation embodied the spirit of entrepreneurship – wealth, self-learning, innovation and contribution, values which every staff in the enterprise understands as their duty. This duty is not only for their own gains, but for the wider welfare of their family, the enterprise and society. “Children are innocent, teens are ambitious, and grown-ups are responsibility-bound.” The enterprise has the duty to cultivate a sense of caring and helping others.

The reconstructed Jintang School now has a better learning environment, but goods such as school bags, stationery, computer rooms and libraries are still in shortage. Since 2010, we help 348 students with buying school bags, stationery and uniforms. In every Children’s Day, we also make donations to express our support. In 2015, we also selected 30 model students and one model teacher, who are rewarded by scholarships to encourage improvement.