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The World’s Only Portable Cardiovascular Measuring Instrument

PASESA possesses a medical measuring function which goes along with 13 items of patented technology from the US and Japan. It aims to help discover concealing cardiovascular diseases by doing a quick check on arteriosclerosis. It minimises the possibility of clients infected by more serious diseases. It is also well-linked with charts in order to analyse the AVI&API, blood pressure and pulse rate, so to maintain clients’ health stability. The device is especially suitable for policlinic since it is efficient and non-invasive even though it contains various functions.。

PASESA 心血管硬化檢測

Non-Invasive Measurement

PASESA 無創及全自動測量

The entire measuring process of arteriosclerosis is fully automatic, efficient (takes approximately 1-2 minutes) and user friendly.

Cuff-Less Design

PASESA 手臂隧道式設計

The cuff-less design of the device allows users to complete the measurement in a sitting position. With this device, it makes the whole process easier.

Visualised Analyzation

PASESA 支援圖像化分析

It uses built-in charts to analyse the AVI, API, blood pressure and pulse rate. All the records will be backed up in cloud storage as a support for better analyzation in future.

Patented Technology


It has possessed multiple international recognition of patents. Its high accuracy rate has been a guarantee of confidence to the clients.

Three Key Values


Theory Of The Measurement

There is a significant association between arterial stiffness and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, kidney failure and cerebral apoplexy. Meanwhile, it is proved that vascular stiffness will rise along with the growth of the age. Therefore, measuring vascular stiffness will be apparently valuable in figuring out any cardiovascular diseases and preventing interrelated diseases from happening. PASESA has the function of measuring AVI and API. These two key indexes in measuring cardiovascular stiffness are proved by top graduate schools and institutes that it is highly interrelated with the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.(Read More)。

The figure AVI gets larger when the arteriosclerosis is getting more serious. Changes of pulse number and reflected wave caused by arteriosclerosis in the central artery can be shown by waveform analysis.Therefore, the softer the blood vessels are, the smaller the figure in AVI is, vice versa.

The figure API detects stiffness of axillary artery by taking in stiffness in the brachial artery. API serves like a monitor, the higher the stiffness, the higher API it shows, like it happens when specific pathologic factors such as high blood pressure and blood lipids lead to the rise in stiffness of peripheral arteries.

Patent and Authentication

PASESA’s Portable Arterial Pulse Wave Detector has possessed various measurement techonology updates. Its patent right is guaranteed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Japan Patent Office, State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C and China Food and Drug Administration.

Japan Patent Office
Korean Intellectual Property Office
United States Patent and Trademark Office
State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C
China Food and Drug Administration

Supports from Top Graduate Schools And Institutes

The significant association between AVI / API and cardiovascular diseases has been proved by the top graduate institutes, including The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Medical University, Yokohama National University and so on. Besides, the products are invented and developed jointly by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. With all the support and contributions from these renowned institutes, PASESA has earned high recognition from the globe.




About 180 x 266 x 260 mm

LCD Display

55 x 90 mm


About 2.6 kg (without battery)


NFC / Bluetooth4.0 BLE

Power Supply(A.C.)

Input: A.C. 100 – 240 V 50 – 60 HZ
Output: D.C. 5.9 V / 1.5A

Power Supply(D.C.)

AA Alkaline x 4


A.C. Transformer, Warranty Card, Operation Manual


YY 0670-2008


Measurement Method

Oscillometric Method

19 – 32 cm

Measurement Range

AVI & API Range: 5 – 99
Blood Pressure Range: 0 – 280 mmHg (0 – 37.3 kPa)
Pulse Rate Range: 30 – 199 rate / min

Measurement Accuracy

AVI & API: +/- 1
Blood Pressure: +/- 3mmHg (0.4kPa)
Pulse Rate: +/- 1

Operation Environment

Temperature: 5 – 40 ℃
Relative Humidity: 15 – 80%
Atmospheric Pressure: 80 – 105kPa

Storage Environment

Temperature: -20 – 55℃
Relative Humidity: 40 – 93%
Atmospheric Pressure: 80 – 105 kPa