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The World’s Only Portable Cardiovascular Measuring Instrument

PASESA is the world’s only portable cardiovascular measuring instrument. It is fully automatic and efficient. Through continuously monitoring the stiffness of blood vessels in the heart, users are able to detect abnormal conditions in their cardiovascular systems, so as to prevent related diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction. If you have ever suffered from cardiovascular diseases, PASESA can even help protect you from relapse and measure the effectiveness of treatments, properly safeguarding you from such diseases. The instrument was invented by the premier Japanese medical research institute, the Datum Studio, which has multiple international patents. Furthermore, it accurately detects the accuracy and effectiveness of AVI and API, which are the key indexes in measuring cardiovascular conditions, are proved by the graduate institute of the University of Tokyo. 



Portable Cardiovascular Measuring Instrument


PASESA Medical Edition

Features more suitable for medical centers than PASESA PLUS , increased measurement  CSBP and CAPP function. A printer can be connected to assist in analyzing data through graphs.


PASESA Home Edition

Medical-grade measurement function, the measurement process is non-invasive and time-consuming, and the portable design supports convenient mobile services. Test results can be transmitted via Bluetooth.


PASESA Community Edition

Medical-grade measurement function, the measurement process is non-invasive and time-consuming, and the portable design supports convenient mobile services. Can be connected to a fast printer/connected to a computer-printer to help analyze the data of AVI, API, BP and Pulse Rate through charts.

Patented Technology

The Portable Arterial Pulse Wave Detector has incorporated some of the latest measuring technology, including an evaluation system for the arterial vessel wall. It is patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Japan Patent Office.

Non-Invasive Measurement

The entire measuring process of arteriosclerosis is fully automatic, efficient (takes approximately 90 seconds) and user friendly.

Visualised Analytical Support

Built-in charts to analyse the changing trend of the recorded AVI/API, blood pressure and pulse rate. It adopts cloud storage in which its large storage can accommodate information of 4 users. The cloud storage has a high sense of security, it avoids important figures and information lost or leaked. Moreover, It has a built-in 4 sets of timer to remind users and their family members to take regular checking.

Cuff-Less Design

The cuff-less design of the device allows users to complete the measurement in a sitting position. Meanwhile the full-automatic measurement only takes approximately 90 seconds. With this device, it makes the whole process easier.


Why is it important to check your arterial condition regularly?

2016 年因心、腦血管病的死亡人數達 9358 人。心臟病死亡人數達 6147 人,是香港第 3 號殺手病。腦血管病死亡人數達 3211 人。是香港第 4 號殺手病。


An average of 68 primary/secondary strokes per day, or 25,000 per year. Worldwide, one person dies from a stroke every six seconds.

(Information from Hong Kong Stroke Foundation)


PASESA aims to reveal the condition of the cardiovascular system of a client through measuring their Arterial Velocity Pulse Index (API) and Arterial Pressure Volume Index (AVI). This is beneficial to the clients since it helps to save cost of doing the checking at hospitals. It is also much more convenient for them to do the checking whenever in daily life to prevent serious diseases such as arteriosclerosis and stroke from happening.


Monitoring Family Members’ Health

The design and function of the mobile app is customised for the usage of PASESA’s Portable Arterial Pulse Wave Detector. It is used to manage the statistics of blood pressure, heartbeat rate, AVI and API detected by AVE-2000. PASESA’s design and function has contributed to its user-friendly image. It has a built-in timer to remind users to take regular checking. Besides, it is in particularly suitable for families since the storage and system is able to support multiple users at the same time. Furthermore, it hubs the data and store in the cloud. It is impossible for anyone of us to be physically standby at anytime, but through PASESA you can always stay tuned to their state at every single moment, and this will contribute a lot especially under busy and hectic lifestyle.



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